Aerzen Rotary Lobe Compressor- The best of both worlds, for high intake volume flows of between 65 cfm to 5,300 cfm. Quiet, Compact, Energy Efficient 

The Rotary Lobe Compressor is the result of a synergy between the rotary lobe blower and the screw compressor technologies.

The Delta Hybrid was developed with the focus on increasing energy efficiency and achieving a significant reduction of energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Wire-to-process energy usage reduction can exceed 30% over typical positive displacement blowers depending on operating conditions and turndown range.

Optimized fluidic design of inlet and discharge ports provides ideal flow conditions and reduced slippage. Additionally, the belt-driven Delta Hybrid offers the significant advantage of matching motor speed and power to the required blower performance eliminating the need to over-speed the blower or oversizing the motor. A 5% excess in volume flow corresponds to a 5% higher energy use.

Unit of Measure


Pressure or Vacuum

N/A Pressure

Differential Pressure

N/A 15 psi1000 mbar

Volume Flow

N/A 3390 CFM5800 m³/h

Motor Output

N/A 250 hp200 kW

Elevation above Sea Level

N/A 5000 ft1524 m
Noise Pressure Level1 N/A 79 dBA

Dimensions and Weights


N/A 74.8 in1900 mm


N/A 86.6 in2200 mm


N/A 92.3 in2345 mm

Pipe Size

N/A 10 in250 mm
Approx. Weight2 N/A 4630 lb2100 kg

Generation 5 Delta Hybrid Features

Generation 5 Delta Hybrid Features

  • 1 Machine emitted noise with acoustic enclosure and with connected and insulated piping, tolerances ± 2 dB(A)
  • 2 Weight without motor