Aerzen Screw Compressors are available as oil-free machines in various sizes, single- and multi-stage for many different applications. Aerzen has been manufacturing screw compressors since 1943.

Aerzen Screw Compressors are suitable for dry and clean compression of air and neutral gases. As highly-developed serial products Aerzen Screw Compressors are used in a wide variety of applications.:

  • Pneumatic transport
  • Aeration of sewage basins
  • Vacuum generation in glass industry
  • Keeping seas and harbours free from ice
  • Construction of oil traps
  • Gas-air mixing plants
  • Production of medicine
  • Stationary unloading of silo vehicles
  • Beverages industry
  • Chemistry
  • Petrochemistry
  • and many more
Unit of Measure


Pressure or Vacuum

N/A Pressure


N/A 15 psig


N/A 420 icfm35 bhp

Discharge Flange

N/A 6/150#

NEMA Frame Motor

N/A 449TS

Oil Fill

N/A 5 gal


N/A Direct

Dimensions and Weights


N/A 120 in


N/A 70 in


N/A 80 in

Approx. Weight w/ Hood

N/A 5910 lb

Approx. Weight w/o Hood

N/A 8560 lb