Aerzen Turbo Blowers developed especially for high intake volume flows of between 4,000 m3/h and 13,200 m3/h.

The New Generation 5 turbo blowers from Aerzen are setting new standards for performance and economy in waste water treatment.
The frequency-controlled and oil-free turbos are state-of-the-art in compressor technology - with decisive advantages in their application. This innovative technology is the perfect complement to the Aerzen portfolio, a technology mix that promises increased efficiency in industrial and municipal waste water treatment.

Unit of Measure


Discharge Port Diameter

N/A 16"-150#ANSI

Inlet Port Diameter

N/A 20"-150#ANSI

Total Height

N/A 74.80 in1900 mm

Total Width

N/A 56.02 in1423 mm

Total Length

N/A 63.62 in1616 mm

Volume Flow

N/A 8400 m³/h

Max. Noise Pressure Level

N/A up to 85 dB

Operating Pressure [Max]

N/A 600 mbar

Motor Power

N/A 200 hp


N/A 1200 lb

Width w/ Maintenance Access

N/A 85.71 in2177 mm

Depth w/ Maintenance Access

N/A 85.63 in2175 mm

Delivery Package


  • Turbo blower with innovative high-speed, highly efficient PM motor
  • Integrated frequency inverter for automatic volume flow regulation
  • Power choke with integrated RFI filter
  • Integrated touchscreen control
  • Compact, space-saving acoustic hood (side-by-side installation)
  • Drawer-type design for all electronic components
  • Intake filter
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Main switch
  • Intake silencer

Standard Accessories


  • 90° pipe elbow for horizontal conduits
  • Corrugated pipe compensator with guide tube and length limiter
  • Pressure loss-optimized non-return flap, suitable for use on the inverter
  • Absorption discharge silencer to reduce noise in the pressure pipe, calibrated and manufactured according to pressure device guidelines 97/23/EG
  • Optional pipe/channel intake

Modifications and Extensions


  • Primary control for combined operation of multiple blowers
  • Master control for two units
  • Profibus DP Net